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PRODUCT & SERVICES fuels Middle East digital transformation

February 13, 2020 the platform that lets anyone build apps and software without knowing how to code has announced that it has responded to the massive potential for digital disruption in the Middle East by o... View more

Middle East banks urged to brace for digital wave

August 28, 2019

Banks in the Middle East are expected to face unprecedented challenges as digital giants begin to turn their attention to the banking sector according to a new report by global management consultancy ... View more

Mint Middle East to launch new digital payment experience

April 10, 2019

Mint Middle East (MME) a globally certified payments processing and acquiring company is set to make carrying money while travelling a hassle-free experience and strengthen the ability of financial in... View more

Middle East travel businesses migrate to digital

October 29, 2017

As more businesses transition to a digital storefront leaders from across the regional travel industry are cooperating in the development of new platforms to successfully take the Middle East travel e... View more



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