Kewalram & Sons Co WLL (Watches & Jewellery)

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Kewalram & Sons Co WLL (Watches & Jewellery)

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Kewalram & Sons CO W.L.L is a company with a rich trading history dating back to its founding years in 1922. The organization was founded on its core values that have been passed on from one generation to the next as it has grown into a multi-industry entity servicing the textiles, electronics, watches, jewellery and integrated home, office and building security business whilst carrying an impressive portfolio of internationally acclaimed brands.

Core Values: - Strength in unity - Deliver excellence - Embrace diversity - Integrity - Stewardship

Kewalram and Sons is the home of premium brands for watches and clocks, with a long standing relationship as official distributors in Bahrain for CASIO, TITAN Watches and RHYTHM Clocks and Watches. In time Kewalram and Sons has successfully developed a wide dealership network for watches and clocks whilst also investing into establishing its own retail concepts across Bahrain.

CASIO: The CASIO brand is a worldwide icon and needs no introduction. The brand has prided itself in producing timepieces in matching from gender to generation with usage and trend. The CASIO collection hosts well known iconic timepieces such as G-SHOCK, PRO TREK, EDIFICE and SHEEN.

TITAN: Established in 1984, Titan Company Ltd. is a $1.8 Billion (2013) listed Indian company, manufacturing more than 13 million watches every year, with a customer base of over 135 million in 32 countries. It is the 5th largest watchmaker in the world yet quality is never a compromise in the development of a TITAN watch. Innovation is the heart of the strategy and TITAN has continuously come up with trendsetting and distinctive collections to position itself as a fashion accessory. The TITAN portfolio ranges from classical to sporty watches and boasts a host of award winning collections such as the TITAN RAGA for women and the EDGE watch, the slimmest watch in the world with a movement thickness of 1.15mm and winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design award.

RHYTHM: Based on the brands vision “Don’t follow, be a leader “, RHYTHM has always accepted new challenges head-on through its innovative design of clocks and typical of a Japanese brand promising and delivering quality. Rhythm carries a range of more than 600 models such as MAGIC MOTION clocks, CONTEMPORARY MOTION clocks, GRANDFATHER clocks, WOODEN SIP clocks, RRS clocks, SUPER SILENT ALARM clocks and standard DIGITAL TABLE clocks. Amongst its vast range, the signature MAGIC MOTION clocks represent the best in original design and its CUCKOO CLOCKS and movement is the product of Japanese heritage and culture. The RHYTHM clock is the most recognized wall clock timepiece globally and as a result of a recent shift in its strategy has defined its products as the premium Home Decorative Accessory.